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An Encouragement and an Endeavor

The Christian Worldview Film Festival

Last week we (Colt, Crimson Rose, and Robert IV our youngest brother) were blessed to attend the 2022 Christian Worldview Film Festival. The Lord moved in mighty ways and many of us were refreshed and strengthened spiritually and grew in our craft.

This Spring we participated in the Christian Worldview Film Festival's 48 hour film challenge. In this challenge you must create a 3-7 minute film from start to finish in 48 hours. We co-produced this project with Valaine and Elijah Perry, owners of CITC Productions. We were encouraged that our short film, The Somewhat True Tales of Sir William won the competition.

The Lord blessed the short film and provided in many ways and we're so thankful for His grace and leading. We're also extremely thankful to Valaine and Elijah for their incredibly hard work, for heading up the project, and for asking us to be a part of it. They truly love the Lord and seek to put Him first in all things, even a 48 hour film race. If you would like to see the short film you can view it here: The Somewhat True Tales of Sir William

The Honorable Mr. Tawnish

In other news, we have been working on a script based off a book for about a year and a half now. We hope one day, if it is the Lord's will, to be able to make it into a feature film. As we're moving forward on this we feel that we should create a concept trailer for the film that we can pitch to investors. Very much like a regular movie trailer, this concept trailer would provide a look, feel, and some of the story of The Honorable Mr. Tawnish.

The logline is as follows:

Sir John Chester lives in the shadow of a duel set for Christmas Day; the old widower turns to his closest friends for help to set three impossible tasks in exchange for his only daughter's hand to an unknown gentleman who is the epitome of fashion in Europe. -The Honorable Mr. Tawnish

Interested in helping with our upcoming projects?

It takes a lot to make a movie or even a short film. If you want to help out with either our concept trailer and/or our movie you can assist us in many ways. Firstly, prayer is powerful and we would greatly appreciate your prayers.


We are praying that God would be glorified in every step of the process and in every area of our lives, even that outside of film. We also pray that God would bring the cast and crew He wants as well as the funds and locations and that this would all happen in His timing. If you would join us in prayer on these things we would greatly appreciate it.


There are many ways you can help out.

  • Monetarily, you can donate here.

  • Meals, If you are local you can bring a meal(s) for the whole cast and crew one day.

  • Lodging, house a cast or crew member(s).

  • Locations, shoot on your land/home

  • Horses, lending horses.

  • Acting, as an extra.

  • Costumes/props, lending any 1850's style clothing or props you may have.

Any and all of these options would help. We are located in the Middle Tennessee area, about an hour south of Nashville. If you are interested in helping out in any of these ways please email . In addition, if you're interested in acting in our film, you can sign up on our website, this project has a lot of male roles, particularly ages 45 and up.

Who else is making movies?

It can be discouraging to see so many worldly movies and shows out there. But take heart! Christian Filmmakers are still creating and working on putting out wholesome and God-fearing films out there! Here are some recent movies and filmmakers you should check out.

Lifemark is a movie by the Kendrick brothers about adoption that we were blessed to work on! It comes to theaters September 9th, 2022. Be sure to go see it!

Beautiful One is a delightful movie that we were also able to work on. Follow them on social media and stay tuned to when the movie will come out!

Sheepshed Entertainment will be coming out with a 1930's sit-com that is fun, funny, and family friendly!

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